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Gilmore Girls 2×22: I can’t get started


Lorelai: Do you know what’s a funny word? Oy. You can’t say Oy without smiling. Poodle, another funny word. 


It is Sookie’s wedding and Lorelai and Rory are bridesmaids. Christopher finds something out that could put a wedge in between him and Lorelai.

My Review:

The girls are helping Sookie choose a wedding song and they are basically falling asleep at the selections. She tells Lorelai that two seats opened up and she should invite her parents because Emily did help her with the wedding at the beginning.  Emily is mad that they got a last minute invite to Sookie’s wedding. Lorelai is just eye-rolling and saying ‘Oy with the poodles already’. Lorelai goes into the diner for the first time the next morning and Rory and Dean leave her alone. This does not go well and she walks out.

Paris is running for student council president and no one cheers after her speech so she begs Rory to be her Vice President. People like Rory and think that she is nice. Rory reluctantly agrees. Rory gets her cast off and Christopher turns up, both girls seem happy with the much more present father. He goes to Sookie’s rehearsal dinner with Lorelai and he tells her that he and Sherry have pretty much broken up.  The next day Paris is upset that she might not win and has a concession speech all written up and ready to go. Lorelai tells Rory about Christopher and Sherry. At the inn later that day, Lorelai and Christopher have a moment that clearly leads to sex.  Sookie in the kitchen in the middle of the night. Lorelai calms her down and gets her to back away from the wedding cake in her dress. She tells Sookie about Christopher and Sookie is immediately distracted from her wedding jitters.

It is the day of the wedding and Jess is back in town. Lorelai is in a great mood and seems to being enjoying Christopher. Emily face when she sees them together and Lorelai is basically gushing, is everything. Emily may be more excited for this than Lorelai. Rory finds out that they won the presidency and that she and Paris be spending their summer together in Washington. Christopher and Rory walk and she begs her dad not to hurt them again and sees Jess along the way. Rory and Jess kiss and she goes running back to the wedding. Goodbye to Rory Gilmore’s morals. Kind of. Christopher drops the bomb that Sherry is pregnant and Lorelai is hurt. He is going back to her to be the father to this baby that he never was to Rory. Poor Lorelai. Which kind of brings me to Lauren’s acting in this because it was perfect. You could just see how hurt Lorelai was by Christopher leaving, once again. Unto season threeeee..

Episode Highlight:

Paris, Paris, Paris and oh yeah, Paris.




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