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Gilmore Girls 2×21: Lorelai’s Graduation Day


Lorelai: Do you know what I have learned in my pursuit of higher education? I despise academics.


Lorelai is graduating from business school and goes to the ceremony on Rory’s insistence. Rory misses the ceremony after going to New York to see Jess.

My Review:

The episode opens with Lorelai and Rory going to Sookie’s for breakfast because Lorelai and Luke are still not talking. At least we got some funny Jackson moments.  Lorelai is going to graduate from her business school and doesn’t want to invite Emily and Richard because it may bring up painful memories. Lorelai is content with not going to the graduation at all. Rory is not taking it at all and talks to Emily and Richard about the graduation in one of my favourite scenes of the episode. Jess rings the house and talks to Rory. It is an awkward-sih conversation but it clearly brought something up for her. 

It is graduation day and Christopher rings Lorelai to tell her that he had a present delievered. They have so much chemistry and I know it is going to be ruined so soon. Rory, on the other hand, skips school and goes to see Jess in New York. This is the otherwise perfect student who has never skipped school in her life. I think someone is falling for Jess. Lorelai is excited to see Emily at the graduation ceremony – she really isn’t – especially that Emily has brought a whole camera crew along with her. The other graduates don’t seem too happy with it at all. Rory finds her mother a perfect graduation present at a record store with Jess. Sookie and Jackson turn up at the graduation looking very nice. Lorelai is at breaking point with Emily at this point, but also sad that Rory isn’t there yet.

Lorelai is graduate and her parents seem proud. Their faces when they see Lorelai walk across the podium is everything. Rory, on the other hand, is stuck on a bus and is not going to make it to see her mother graduate. After she begged Lorelai to the ceremony in first place and invited her grandparents. You picked a crappy day to go to New York, Rory. Lorelai takes the traditional graduation photo with her parents and gets money from her father. When she gets home, after saying no to hanging with Sookie and Jackson who came all that way for her, Rory is waiting for her. Lorelai is not happy and Rory is punishing herself for her stupidity. She then says that she and Dean will be together forever and I am thinking that is a huge accusation for her to make. Rory is falling for Jess and even Lorelai knows it is happening.

Episode Highlight:

Rory convincing her grandparents to go to the graduation.








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