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Gilmore Girls 2×20: Help Wanted


Lorelai: It looks like coffee, smells like coffee –

Rory: The comparison stops there.


Rory is mad that everyone is blaming Jess for the accident and thinking that she had no part in it. Lorelai helps her dad set up his new business.

My Review:

The episode opens and Luke’s diner is closed so Rory is of course worried it is because of her and the accident with Jess. They go to a new diner and do not like it, but Lorelai finds Michel and gets great pleasure in tormenting him out of it. Lorelai goes to dinner alone and her parents are being over dramatic about Richard’s secretary who doesn’t want to come to his new work with him. Lorelai is being the rational one and offers to help her father set up and find a secretary. Rory wants to tell Dean what happened before everyone else does, hence why she doesn’t go the dinner.  She gives him a letter and Dean is not happy about it, until he reads that Jess is totally gone. But the entire scene is him just yelling ‘WHAT’ and kicking a duffle bag. Oh Dean, sweet Dean.

Lorelai takes her father to an office supply warehouse when she realises that he has nothing. He has clearly never been to one before, ever, and is so surprised by the amout of supplies they have. Back in Stars Hollow, Rory tries to apologise to Taylor for the car crash but he is insistent that it is not her fault. Lane, on the other hand, goes into the new music store and is loving the instruments. That she can’t touch.  Lane wants the drum kit from the store but there is no way that her mother would let her have it. Richard is really getting used to having Lorelai around and almost pouts that she can’t come back the next day and he has to hire someone.

Lorelai tells Rory that the car crash isn’t her fault and Rory is starting to get more mad. Emily is not happy at Rory in a cast and almost starts laying into Lorelai for it and for waiting more than a week to tell her. Rory is in a bad mood now and she raises her voice at Emily and then at Lorelai outside who tells Rory that she is allowed to be mad at the boy who put her in a cast. Sophie (music store owner) lets Lane stay in the music store and play the drums with the lights off. Lane is so excited about this and I love that when she gets home, she hides them in a pot plant and then joins the choir. Rory leaves the party and goes to Luke’s and they have a nice moment together. To be fair, he is the only one not entirely blaming Jess for it.

Episode Highlight:

Lane being so excited in the music store.







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