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Gilmore Girls 2×19: Teach me tonight


Jess: Lets take a break from studying

Rory: You haven’t done any studying


It is town movie night and Lorelai gets to pick the film, meanwhile Rory gets into an accident with Jess.

My Review:

The episode opens with Lorelai getting to pick the movie for the town movie night after complaining that they have watched the same one four years in a row. She is extemely pleased that the crown has been relinquished to her. Christopher rings to talk to Rory and Lorelai doesn’t want to talk to him at all. Luke gets called to school about Jess who never shows up to class and stole FIVE HUNDRED baseballs. I do not want to know what he is going to do with all of them. Back at the diner, Taylor gives Lorelai a folder of movies that she can choose from.

Lorelai decides on the same movie again and Luke comes over and talks to Rory about tutoring Jess and Lorelai doesn’t like it. She is worried that something bad will happen and she may be onto something. Jess is doing magic tricks again and I am still trying to find the appealing quality to the guy who pulls an apple from behind a tea towel. They drive to go and get ice cream even though there is some in the diner because Jess promises he will actually study after they get back. Lorelai gets a call from Rory saying that she in the hospital, and now she is freaked out. She is angry and upset when she sees her daughters arm being plastered. Not at Rory, but at Luke and Jess. Lorelai drives back to Stars Hollow and goes trying to find Jess to let him have a piece of her mind. Now Luke is mad at Lorelai because Jess is no where to be seen. But Lorelai was also really letting him have it.

Lorelai calls Christopher as she watches Rory’s car being towed away. Lorelai sleeps in Rory’s room with her and is startled awake when she sees Christopher in the chair next to her. He tells her that he snuck into Rory’s room in the middle of the night. I would be freaked out it someone did that. The three of them go to the movie night and everyone is sympathetic toward Rory. Kirk’s pre-movie short film is so disturbing. But also great. They found out that Jess left town from Miss Patty and Babette who were whispering to each other about it. Lorelai’s facial reaction says it all and Rory’s just says that she is upset.

Episode Highlight:

Rory being the most unimpressed with Jess’ magic tricks





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