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Gilmore Girls 2×18: Back in the saddle again

S2E18 Cap - Hard At Work

Richard: Emily, we are in a business meeting.


Richard is Rory’s business advisor for a school project and Dean is starting to feel Rory slip away.

My Review:

Lorelai is hungry because everyone has to wait for Richard to come down to dinner, she is NOT happy about this. Her face when her food is taken away from her is the best thing. The next morning Rory tells Lorelai that Jess wrote in the margins of her book and Lorelai doesn’t get it. I don’t either, Lorelai. At school, Paris tells Rory that her mother has to be their assignment business advisor. Rory is almost sure that Lorelai will not want to do it and she is right on. Lorelai suggests that maybe Richard could do it. Rory asks Richard to be the business advisor and he says no until Emily speaks to him. And by speak, I do mean she is yelling at him over his classical music.

Lane is upset that her career aptitude test came up with sales while Dean is being a needy boyfriend. I think he may be starting to feel threatened by a certain someone. Richard comes to school and decides to be Rory’s career advisor and really gets into Paris’ idea. But his face when Madeline and Louise share their suggestions is the best thing. While Rory is at this meeting Dean calls the house a low-key fourteen times. Even Lorelai is starting to feel sorry for him. Rory on the other hand is so mad and in shock that he called that many times. Lorelai talks to Michel’s mother when he brings her to the inn and he is not happy with Lorelai at all. But that is okay, cause Richard is all happy again at the business meeting with the teenagers. He organised it at the house because they had better snacks and when Emily comes in and asks if anyone wants snacks, he throws her out like she is embarrassing him in front of his friends. But Emily just seems to happy to see her husband happy, she doesn’t care at all.

Lorelai talks to Dean, who is now at the house waiting for Rory, and tells him to give Rory a little bit of space. Lorelai was making so much sense and you see that she was sympathetic toward Dean. Richard is at the business fair the next day and gets upset that Rory’s team did not win. Like, unreasonably upset. Lorelai and Rory go to dinner that night and he decides that is going back to work and he is very happy about it. Lorelai, Rory and Emily are partly in shock and party happy for him. After dinner, Rory decides to hang out with Lane and not Dean (who only paged her once that day – progress much!) and when Lorelai get home, sad Dean is on the front steps. He looks so defeated when he says to Lorelai ‘she likes him, doesn’t she?’ and Lorelai has no words for him.

Episode Highlight:

Richard’s face during the meeting where they are bouncing around product ideas.





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