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Gilmore Girls 2×17: Dead Uncles and Vegetables


EMILY: You are Rory are always out. What is it that you do? Is your house that awful you can’t be in it? It’s too much excitement, if you ask me.


Luke is planning his uncles funeral, Emily helps Sookie wedding plan and Taylor is mad about something going on in the town.

My Review:

The episode opens with Emily leaving three voice mails and Lorelai is just standing by the phone, shocked. There is no way that she is answering that. Emily is at the inn for a soup tasting because she is having a DAR meeting and Sookie mentions that she is engaged. Lorelai just wants her mother to make a decision on the soup that she wants. Luke rings and asks Lorelai for nine rooms at the inn and tells her that it is because his uncle passed away. Lorelai is being a good friend and gives them to him straight away. She is a doubly good friend when she and Rory are helping at the diner so that Luke can make calls. Rory is less than impressed with lazy Jess upstairs and goes to get him.

Taylor sees a farmer’s market across the street from his grocery store. He does NOT like this and almost starts going crazy. Lorelai is worried about Sookie with Emily and how her mother will probably turn Sookie’s wedding into a crazy affair. No, that doesn’t happen. Cut to Emily measuring the town square to see if they can fit something in and wants to move the gazebo. Jackson is less impressed with this than Lorelai and goes to her for help. At the town meeting Taylor brings up the farmer’s market and how it is affecting his store but nothing gets resolves. Luke finds out that no one is coming to the funeral and is even angrier than he was before. Lorelai tries to talk to Luke when is going mad about nothing fitting into the casket.

Lorelai brings Sookie out of her crazy wedding phase and Emily turns up at the diner and she argues with Lorelai who makes a comment that she was planning her wedding. Emily just scoffs and tells Lorelai that her wedding would have been a winter wonderland theme. Horse drawn sleighs, the whole lot. Lorelai scoffs but seriously, that would be perfect for her. Lorelai loves the snow she has always made that perfectly clear. The funeral is just Luke and Lorelai until the war re-enactors show up and Lorelai is trying not to laugh. Everyone is waiting for them in the diner when the get back – which is really nice. Taylor finds out that the farmers market is gone and is back to happy, Rory finds out that Jess unlocked the door for people to set up for the wake and she tells him he is becoming a townie. All’s well and that ends well, right?

Episode Highlight:

Emily measuring the town while Lorelai looks on in complete horror






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