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Gilmore Girls 2×16: There’s the rub


EMILY: Magda left me sitting for twenty minutes. Fine time to take a coffee break.

LORELAI: She’s not taking a coffee break. Your skin is supposed to be absorbing the moisture in your mask – in your room. 


Lorelai and Emily go to a spa weekend together and Rory plans to spend the night alone with laundry and Indian food.

 My Review:

Lorelai gets a call from Emily saying that she won a voucher for two to a spa. One Lorelai says that she will do it, Emily decides to go along with her. Lorelai is not happy about this on any level. She went so far as to change their schedules so much that they only see each other for dinner. Rory, on the other hand, is excited to be home alone. As a fellow introvert, I feel you Rory. I remember the one time my parents left me overnight alone and how much I loved it.  Paris begs Madeleine, Louise and then Rory to study after school because she can’t concentrate at home. Rory tells her that she can’t study, kid wants to be home alone. Even Dean wants to come over but Rory says no to him, and he can’t understand why she wants to do laundry and watch a movie – alone.

Emily is already stressing Lorelai out at the spa by being in her face all the live long day, even during their massages. I don’t know why this made me laugh so much, no – it is Lorelai’s facial expressions. I could see the annoyance and frustration in her face. Paris turns up at the house to study with Rory anyway, Rory agrees to give her a solid hour of study time. Paris is happy now, but her response of ‘wait, you mean you don’t get to spend months on end not hearing from your parents and left home alone’, I wanted to hug her. Lorelai and Emily go out to dinner and they seem to actually be somewhat enjoying it. Back at home, Jess turns up and Rory invites Paris to stay for dinner as a buffer. This is great until Dean comes over and sees Jess going to leave.  Rory and Dean fight and Paris covers for Rory by saying that she asked her to invite Jess over so Rory tells Paris that she can sleep over. What a good friend, Rory.

Emily freaks out in the bar and wants to go home after she dances with another man. They get back to the spa and Emily asks why she and Lorelai can’t be as close as Lorelai and Rory are. Lorelai reminds her that she and Rory are best friends before mother and daughter. Emily seems upset by this because that is not ever going to be her and Lorelai. They then proceed to steal an robe together in order to mark this weird weekend. The next morning Lorelai and Rory have breakfast together and talk about the events of the weekend.

Episode Highlight:

Lorelai’s face when Emily is just talking and talking and talking and talking.





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