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Gilmore Girls 2×15: Lost and Found


LORELAI: Oh, thirteen different shades of red!

LUKE: What is wrong with you?

LORELAI: You make it too easy.


Rory loses a bracelet and Luke is desperate for more space  for him and Jess.

My Review:

The episode opens with Lorelai wanting pancakes so she goes up to Luke’s apartment to beg him for them. When she steps in there, it looks like a bomb hit it. He tells her that Jess’s stuff arrived. Jess has THIS much crap, seriously? Lorelai makes a suggestion that they move to a bigger apartment but Luke just scoffs at the idea. That evening the girls go back into town to get stuff for their movie night and Lorelai sees Luke sitting in the diner watching TV. She decides to tell him about her near death experience cleaning gutters and Luke suggests that Jess clean Lorelai’s gutters. She doesn’t like this at all, but Rory wants him to do it and Lorelai agrees to give him a chance. Why do you suddenly want your mother to like Jess, Rory? Luke decides they’re moving to a bigger place when he goes back into the apartment and Jess is blasting awful music to fall asleep.

They go apartment hunting the next day, but Jess has to go the girls house to clean the apartment. Jess doesn’t say three words to Lorelai when he enters the house and Lorelai is really trying. At least Rory called him out for and reminds him that he if respects her, he has to respect Lorelai too. Dean goes with Rory to the town book fair and watches while she spends hours perusing books at her leisure. Dean asks where her bracelet has gone and she has a mini melt down to the point where she goes back home screaming out her mother’s name. While this is happening, Jess and Lorelai have a kind of nice moment eating Chinese food in the kitchen. This is obviously stopped short by Rory running through the house screaming like a madman.

Lorelai helps Luke find an apartment and Luke finds out that Taylor owns it. He is not happy about this. Lorelai catches Jess in Rory’s room and five minutes later, the bracelet miraculously appears.  Lorelai knows that Jess had the bracelet and she says to him ‘I know you had you, you little jerk.’ That had to be the best line in the episode. Jess goes on about the fact that the bracelet mustn’t have been that important if it took Rory two weeks to work out it was gone.  Luke buys the building next to diner and freaks out at Lorelai – when she tries to remind him all of the things that he could do with the building. Like renting it or extending the diner. Luke smashes the wall into the building from the diner a with sledge hammer. The way that he looks at Jess when he smashes into the wall, he actually looks like a mad man.

Episode Highlight:

Let’s be real, it is Lorelai saying ‘I know you had it, you little jerk’ while Jess is being a little smart mouth.





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