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Gilmore Girls 2×14: It should have been Lorelai


Lorelai (to Rory): It took Grandma all of five minutes of self-combust and go to her room. But she came down eventually and had a pouty dinner. 


Christopher and his girlfriend come to town and drama unfolds.

My Review:

The episode opens with the girls going to an empty diner. Lorelai makes a suggestion that they could play bagel hockey and Luke is not impressed by this at all. Lane, not creepily at all, rings the diner because she can see Rory in there. Cut to that evening and Paris comes over because they have a debate and Rory is not speaking fast enough. Is this girl insane? That is what Rory (and her mother) are known for. Lorelai asks Paris if they were expecting her and she just says ‘you should have been.’ While Paris is berating Rory about her word speed, Christopher calls and is invited to the big debate. He says that he will be there, what a good father.

Cut to debate day and Paris has everyone, especially Brad (from the Romeo and Juliet scene a few episodes ago) completely terrified. At least Rory was being nice to him. Lorelai sees Christopher show up with his girlfriend and Sookie is trying to have a good look at her. You will see her after the debate ladies, calm it. Rory and Lorelai invited Christopher and his girlfriend over and she wants to go to dinner with Rory that evening. Lorelai reluctantly agrees, knowing that her mother will explode if she finds out why Rory is missing this dinner. But she is going to take Christopher instead. He is half Rory, so that should count right?

Rory and Christopher’s girlfriend Sherry are out to dinner and Lorelai turns up with him at her parents. Emily only wants to know where Rory is and couldn’t care less about anything else. Christopher tells her that she is with Sherry and Emily, to quote Lorelai, self-com-bust’s. In the kitchen Lorelai and Emily have a very heated argument that does not get resolved. Cut to the next day and Lorelai is still reeling from the argument with her mother. Rory goes off to complete the ‘give Lane a CD’ plan and Christopher yells at Lorelai in the middle of the diner. They cut to Luke’s face and he legitimately looks up from what he is doing and looks down again immediately. It is priceless. So I guess it is goodbye Christopher and Sherry for now, but forever.

Episode Highlight:

Paris’ delivery of ‘you should have been’, when Lorelai asked if they were expecting her to turn up.






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