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Gilmore Girls 2×13: A-tisket, A-Tasket


LORELAI: Oh, it’s quaint, isn’t it? The women get to make a nice lunch basket, the men get to bid on it, and the world rotates backwards on its axis.

RORY: I think it’s fun


There is a town basket buying auction. Who is going to buy Lorelai and Rory’s baskets?

My Review:

The episode opens and there is a basket auction happening, where the women of town buy a basket and make food to go into it for someone to buy their basket and lunch with them which gets auctioned off for charity. Lorelai and Rory for some reason unbeknowned to me, love this idea. They are trying to buy the perfect baskets to put their food into and Miss Patty accidentally drops a photo of Lorelai from her wallet. She then proceeds to tell Lorelai that she shows the photo to suitable men, Lorelai rightfully freaks out. Meanwhile, Jess catches Rory and Dean awkwardly kissing and is being awful about it. At the inn, Jackson tries to talk to Sookie about moving in together but she doesn’t get the hint.

It’s basket auction day and Rory’s is first up. Dean and Jess get into a bidding war for it and Jess ends up paying NINETY DOLLARS for the thing. He does know that Rory cannot cook and it would most likely be inedible, right? But we all know he did it to drive Dean crazy and it worked like a charm. Sookie’s basket is next (the one you would want to actually buy) and Jackson doesn’t even bid, so Kirk gets it. Sookie runs up to Jackson and they make up, so now he has to buy the basket off Kirk. Lorelai’s basket that contains almost nothing is up next and Patty has got men to try and buy it. She freaks out and runs to Luke, begging him to buy her basket and he reluctantly agrees and wins the thing. Meanwhile, Kirk is refusing to sell the basket because he had twelve siblings and his mother made a basket for all of them, but not Kirk. This is seriously one damaged man. Rory and Jess go off for their lunch together against Dean’s insistance, so he goes to Lorelai and tries to warn her. Lane on the other hand, has her heart broken by Henry. But at least Sookie and Jackson are getting married, right?

Back at home later that evening, Lorelai and Rory argue because Rory can’t see that going off to have the lunch with Jess was wrong. She tells Rory that Dean spoke to her and has now sent the teenager into a tailspin of fury. At dinner the next night Emily wants to know why the girls won’t look at each other. Lorelai kind of tells her and Rory leaves the table and tries to call Lane who doesn’t want to talk because she is upset too. Emily, back at the table is telling Lorelai that she is in the right and that she should lock Rory up and throw away the key. She can’t be serious, right? Lorelai freaks out and tells Rory that she has to trust her, so they make up. Back at home again, she tells her mother that she is calling Dean but actually calls Jess. RORY, WHY OH WHY ARE YOU FALLING FOR THIS GUY.

Episode Highlight:

 Lorelai and Luke having a nice lunch together.






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