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Gilmore Girls 2×12: Richard in Stars Hollow

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PARIS: Hey, where’d he come from? What’s up there? Is that where you keep the girls? You got yourself a little cathouse up there?

JESS: Wow, I think she got you Uncle Luke. You better give up now. 


Richard comes to spend a day in Stars Hollow with Lorelai and Rory. 

My Review:

The episode opens with a lovely discussion about which person they have to kick out of the family mausoleum. Rory is creeped out but Lorelai and her parents are all in agreement in who gets to go. At dinner, you can tell that Emily is frustrated by her husband being at home every single day because she is so used to him working. Lorelai tells her that is just an adjustment but Emily is hearing NONE of it. The next day he wants to run errands with Emily and she is trying to get him not to come. Meanwhile, at school the next day Paris has flipped out about the quality of the school paper and everyone in the newsroom is hearing about it.

Lorelai and Rory are the video store and Rory sees two boys looking at innapropriate movie covers so she makes a comment to Kirk. Emily calls Lorelai and begs her to take Richard for one day because he is intending to go to water aerobics with her, Lorelai reluctantly agrees. The next morning Lorelai is begging Rory not to go to school and to be the be the buffer between her and Richard. Rory goes to school and Lorelai is left to deal with her dad and very awkward silences. She takes him to breakfast and he has already eaten. Which made me think of my dad. But he makes a comment to her about the amount of coffee she drinks in the morning, like he did to Emily. Lorelai goes to work and Richard is left to explore the town and ends up back at Lorelai’s work quicker than she thought. Paris comes up to Rory to school and tells her that she is going to find the seedy underbelly of Stars Hollow for a good news story.

Paris is trying to find the seedy underbelly of Stars Hollow and goes on the bus with Rory after school. Paris accuses Luke of having a human trafficking ring when Jess comes down from the apartment. Jess starts going along with the story and Luke throws Paris and Rory out of the diner. Meanwhile Richard tells Lorelai how to conduct business calls and what to wear to work. Lorelai is about to flip at this point and Michel is laughing. Paris gets her story when she realises that the video store has put up a ‘Rory curtain’ to hide the inappropriate movies. Rory is not impressed by this. Lorelai gets home and Rory shows Richard her bedroom and tells Lorelai that he thinks Rory should be going to Yale and not Harvard.

This discussion is short lived when they hear Dean rock up with a car for Rory. She loves the car that her boyfriend made her, Richard does not. So he and Dean go to Gypsy’s to check the car and nothing is wrong. Richard comes back and allows Rory to have the car. At this point, Lorelai snaps at her father and tells him that she makes decisions for Rory, not him. He tells Lorelai that he is a burden and she has never invited him over and she only did it because Emily begged her to. He goes back to his study at home so sad and the episode closes out.

Episode Highlight:

Paris asking Luke if he has a human trafficking ring above the diner and Jess going along with it.







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