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Gilmore Girls 2×11: Secrets and Loans


Rory: How did I do better with Math? Verbal is my thing

Lorelai: No, verbal is my thing.


Lorelai has termites and is struggling to get a bank loan. Lane becomes a cheerleader. 

My Review:

The episode opens with Rory getting her PSAT scores and she is happy with herself and her scores. Cut to the next morning and Lorelai walks onto the porch with a coffee and creates a hole with her foot. Whoops. Kirk informs Lorelai that she does in fact have termites and it will cost $15,000 to fix the house. That is money that Lorelai doesn’t have. Oh no. How is she ever going to get that money? Rory is at school and Paris wants to know her scores but she refuses to tell what they are. Just watching Paris’ face was priceless.

That night Lorelai and Rory swear they are hearing termites so they go to Sookie’s place to stay over. Jackson is hiding in her closet because he has embarrassing pyjamas. Cut to the next day and Rory is trying to find Lane, but Mrs Kim doesn’t want Rory, apparent termite carrier, in the store so she chases her down the street with a hose. Because that is totally normal. Paris on the other hand, gets Madeleine to call Rory and ask what her scores are. Rory is having NONE of it and now Paris is really mad. Lorelai makes a comment that if Paris and Emily were in a room together the world would implode. I wholeheartedly agree with that. I really do.

Cut to Friday dinner and Rory decides to tell Emily about the termites after Lorelai told her not to. Lorelai tells Rory off and it just didn’t sit well with me. Maybe beccause I’ve never seen her like that. Of course they aren’t talking and Dean throws a basketball at Rory, which she doesn’t catch. And this was before she went on a tangent about how much she dislikes balls being thrown in her direction. Then she sees Lane and realises that she is now a cheerleader now, so Rory runs off. Meanwhile at work, Emily tells Lorelai that she got her a bank meeting. Lorelai doesn’t like this at all, even though her mother is just trying to be helpful. At the house, Luke looks at the damage and then offers Lorelai the money to get the house fixed. She doesn’t want to take it, though.

Lorelai goes to the bank meeting and freaks out when she sees her mother there. Lorelai becomes so rude, even throughout the meeting. Emily is just sitting there and saying nothing. The banker guy says the only way for Lorelai to get the loan is if someone co-signs with her. The way Lorelai looks at Emily in that moment, she HAD to know that was an option if she called four banks. She asks her mother to sign it with her and Emily of course agrees. Back in Stars Hollow, Lane and Rory call a truce and Rory and Lorelai call one too. Everything is okay and Emily tells Lorelai she is going to have her meetings at the inn.

Episode Highlight: 

Emily wanting her pen back for at least five minutes and Lorelai hiding it from her.









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