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Gilmore Girls 2×09: Run away little boy


Rory: Why do I have to be Juliet?


Rory along with Paris, Madeleine, Louise, Tristan and Brad have to perform the final scene from Romeo and Juliet. Lorelai goes on her first date after breaking up with Max.

My Review:

The episode opens and Lorelai is gifted an ice cream maker for her non existant wedding, so she wants to return it. Sookie wants to make ice cream with it. Meanwhile at school Rory, along with Paris, Madeleine, Louise, Tristan (eugh) and Brad have to perform the final scene of Romeo and Juliet. After much deliberation and a screen test that Rory claims Paris made her do, it is decided that Rory will be Juliet and Tristan will be Romeo. Watching Rory’s facial expression when she realises this is the best thing I have seen. Almost as good as Paris’ face when she realises that Tristan has the biggest role – which is worth 50% of their grade.

Cut to Stars Hollow and Paris rings Rory to tell her that she found them a rehearsal space – aka Miss Patty’s. Now Rory is freaking out into overdrive because Dean doesn’t know that Rory and Tristan kissed and Tristan would be in her town. Lorelai tries to calm Rory down and tells her that she shouldn’t tell Dean. Lorelai has met a guy and agrees to go on a date with him – but when we see Luke’s face in the background of the diner as Lorelai tells Rory about her casual date my heart breaks for him. Rory on the other hand goes even more wide eyed than usual when Dean tells her that he wants to come to rehearsal. Rory decides it is best to try and talk to Tristan about it. That works about as well as you would expect it to have worked.

That evening before rehearsal, the guy Lorelai went on one date with turns up and he looks much younger than he did before. Rory is in stitches and Luke is beyond that. He has so many jokes for Lorelai who is having none of it, not at all. But how the entire town knows about the date absolutely terrifies me. At Miss Patty’s, we have Dean watching on while Tristan butchers Shakespeare one line at a time. Rory decides it is best for Dean to leave as they have to perform it the next day.

It is show time and Lane, Sookie and Lorelai are there to support Rory. Only one teeny problem, there is no Tristan. But at least we got to see Lane looking lovingly at Henry, which was a bit of a heart warmer. Rory finds Tristan who tells her that he can’t do the show because he is going to military school. YOU CAN TRANSFER SCHOOLS ON SUNDAY? WHAT SCHOOL IS OPEN ON THE WEEKEND. Paris has to quick think because Brad (the other guy) has also transferred – so she decides that since she knows all of the lines, she will be Romeo. Their performance ends and they end up back at the diner where Lorelai and Luke have an honest conversation.

Episode Highlight: 

Tristan finally leaving the show for good. But also Lorelai’s attempt at being Dean when Rory was talking to her.







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