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Gilmore Girls 2×08: The ins and outs of inn’s


EMILY: I suppose you’d just have her sitting in a chair reading a book.

LORELAI: Now that sounds great.

EMILY: Oh, be serious.

LORELAI: I am. That’s a completely natural pose for Rory. And a painting of her reading that’s gonna be hung in Dad’s study seems just crazy enough to work.

EMILY: Well, maybe it’s not such a bad idea. 


Lorelai and Sookie start making strides in opening an inn together when Mia comes back into town. 

My Review:

This episode opens with a Friday dinner, which always makes me happy. Emily wants Rory to sit for an oil painting to go in Richard’s study and Lorelai is giving her tips on how to make three painters quit, just like her experience sitting for an oil painting. Emily is not happy about this and ever so gently bangs something (a fork maybe) on the table. Cut to Stars Hollow where Lorelai and Sookie find out that the inn they want to buy belongs to the woman who runs the the bakery, so they talk to her about it – or try to. Jess has pulled the worlds most stupid prank and has drawn a chalk outline outside the market and put police tape around. The town is so thrown by this, it makes me wonder how sheltered they all really are from the rest of the world.

The next day Lorelai and Sookie are disappointed that Fran (bakery woman) doesn’t want to sell her inn, but this conversation is stopped when they realise that Mia – owner of current inn and woman who took Lorelai and baby Rory in – has stopped by. No one is happier about Mia being there than Luke, apparently. Luke who refuses to accept that Jess would pull such a dumb joke. It now hits Lorelai that she has to tell Mia that she is thinking about opening her own inn, and starts feeling ungrateful and back peddling out of the inn idea all together. Meanwhile, Emily rings Lorelai because Rory is not posing for the oil painting right and Lorelai tells her to let Rory be in a natural pose for her. Rory ends up reading a book in the oil painting.

It is a town meeting about what to do with Jess, and Luke is furious. He drew a chalk outline and stole some money and a gnome, these people are acting like he did something way worse. After Luke loses his cool, Lorelai tells Mia about the inn idea. This goes well, until Mia tells her that she wants to sell her inn anyway – so this would work for her. This sends Lorelai into a tailspin and she argues with Sookie. Look, I get that she freaked out about all this change that is happening but don’t take it out on sweet Sookie. Meanwhile Rory tells Jess that his prank was stupid (go Rory!) and that Luke was standing up for him, so he should be nicer to his uncle. Only seconds before Dean and Jess officially meet, well they probably know each other because it’s a small town and they go to the same school.

That night, Lorelai snaps and Emily but apologises and explains everything that happened. Emily’s face when Lorelai mentions Mia is acting gold, you can just see the hurt already. The next day Lorelai tells Luke what happened with Mia and Sookie before going to apologise to her best friend. The episode ended with one of my favourite moments. Emily walks into the inn and meets Mia – not to yell at her, but to see who it was that helped raise her daughter. Mia explains that she took Lorelai in because if she had a daughter she would want someone to do that, Emily explains that she would have wanted Lorelai to have been sent home. I was in tears, actual tears

Episode Highlight:

Mia and Emily finally meeting each other for the first time









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