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Gilmore Girls 2×07: Like Mother, Like Daughter


Emily: Isn’t it funny how well you fit into the world that you ran away from?


Lorelai and Rory are forced to become more involved at Chilton so Rory accidentally sits with a sorority and Lorelai has to run a fashion show.

My Review:

This episode opener is just Lorelai and Rory at Luke’s engaging in at least five minutes worth of banter. I did get a good laugh from it though, so that is what is most important – right?? Rory is going to school and Lorelai makes a comment that I swear my dad used to make when he saw my school bag which was something along the lines of ‘your going to topple over with that bag’. But Miss Gilmore is convinced that she needs everything in the bag and goes to read at lunch when she is asked to the guidance councillor’s office. She seems surprised when they tell her that she doesn’t make an effort to make friends at school. But I was much like Rory in high school, where I kind of opted for being by myself. She tells Lorelai who gets angry enough to go to the school but ends up being told off for lack of participation too. Ladies, ladies, ladies.

The girls decide to try being more social. Rory sits at a table at school and ends up with the secret society. Paris sees this and begs Rory not to say anything mean because she wants to desperately join the society. They go to dinner at the Gilmore house only to find out that it is a barbeque, so they just grab some corn on the cob. Emily is as impressed by this as Lorelai’s lack of participation at Rory’s school, so Lorelai tells her that she joined the booster club. She gets to the meeting and suggests that she run the fashion show they are organising, and they can have it at the inn where she works. One teeny catch, Lorelai has to be one of the models. After Rory’s merciless teasing at this comment, Lorelai rings her mother and manipulates her into also modelling at the show. Those Gilmore women are really master manipulators. At school the next day, Rory talks Paris up to the society and when she is invited to sit and smiles at Rory my heart melted. Paris breaking down her walls in the best thing, ever.

It is the day of the fashion show and Luke turns up with his tool box to fix the runway. Luke to the rescue and the lady from the booster club has eyes for him. Lorelai does NOT like this, not one bit. Cut to the runway and Emily and Lorelai are in matching outfits. They are beaming, actually beaming. These rare moments between them when they are just happy and having fun is what I live for. Emily makes a comment to Lorelai ‘isn’t it funny that you fit so well into the world that you ran way from’, and Lorelai of course laughs it off. Rory sees a photo of her mother and grandmother so happy and loves it, almost as much as when Lorelai tells her that she is being kidnapped by the society. So Rory puts on lip gloss and pyjamas and pretends to sleep, and is whisked away to school and forced to ring a bell. The headmaster comes in and he almost suspends the group of them but Rory talks her way out of it and having to make friends at all. Good job Rory, now you can read and listen to your Walkman every day.

Episode Highlight:

This is hard toss up between Paris smiling at Rory or Emily and Lorelai cat walking it together.



This is absolutely one of my favourite episodes.



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