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Gilmore Girls 2×06: Presenting Lorelai Gilmore


Lorelai: Ladies aren’t meant to get things for themselves or think for themselves. By this rate you’ll actually go to college and only marry once.

Episode Synopsis:

Rory is presented to society – which means lots of drama.

My Review:

The girls turn up to the Gilmore house for what they suspect to be a regular Friday dinner. They get there in the middle of Richard and Emily fighting. Rory wants to leave and give them privacy, Lorelai just wants a box of popcorn. It must be a good five-ten minutes before either Emily or Richard see Lorelai and Rory watching them. Cut to Stars Hollow, Jess is being awful and makes a comment about the Metalica t-shirt he is wearing. Luke doesn’t like it and sends him back upstairs to change.

Rory goes to the Gilmore house after school and somehow gets roped into being presented to society and Lorelai is very much weirded out by this. Rory is convinced she wants to do it for Emily until she sees that her dad has to present her and she starts babbling. Lorelai rings Christopher and he promises that he will definitely be there, so Rory thinks it could be a 50/50 chance. The only person less impressed with the debutant than Lorelai is Dean when he sees what he has to wear. Lorelai is on the phone to Emily assuring her that Rory doesn’t have the gloves that she needs for the debutant.  And looks who turned up, in a car and not a motorbike. Hello Christopher. We end up at Patty’s and see that Rory and Dean cannot dance.  After some weird sexual jokes on Patty’s behalf Lorelai and Christopher show up. Now, they can dance. And my god they have chemistry. They just seem so happy and comfortable around each other. Back at home, Lorelai is passing on all of her ‘lady’ knowledge to Rory in a scene that did make me laugh a little.

Cut to the ball and Richard and Emily are fighting again, but Lorelai and Christopher are having a right old good time. Rory on the other hand is a little bit nervous that she will fall down the stairs. Lorelai finds her parents arguing and reminds them that Rory is about to be presented to society. Richard admits that he is upset about what is happening at work and they go in to see Rory escorted by Christopher. They mumble that it should have been Lorelai – obviously when she sixteen, but she was pregnant so she couldn’t. Back in Stars Hollow, Christopher tells Lorelai that he has a girlfriend. Whooops. Lorelai and Rory talk about it over burgers and Jess comes down to help Luke close wearing a flannel shirt. Luke is even less impressed by this. The next day Lorelai goes to Emily and tells her that she can always talk to Lorelai if she wants to.

Episode Highlight:

Lorelai and Christopher with all the good damn chemistry.








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