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Gilmore Girls 2×05: Nick and Nora/Sid and Nancy



Luke’s nephew comes to town and meets Lorelai and Rory 

My Review:

Of course the girls are at the diner again and Rory doesn’t want to be late to school. They get to bare witness to Luke on the phone telling someone to stop talking so fast. Really, in this fictional universe? How fast was this person talking, everyone here talks like they are on speed. We find out that it is his sister telling him that his seventeen year old nephew is coming to stay with him. This is going to go very, very well.

Rory asks Paris for a truce because they have two years together in high school, Paris agrees to this. Well, until she gave Rory a wrong time for the newpaper meeting and then stuck her with a piece on parking lot paving. Back in the hollow, Luke’s nephew Jess shows up. He is a little pain in the butt who is as talkative as his uncle. Lorelai comes into the diner and wants to meet the nephew, who says all but two words to her. So she suggests that Luke come over to her place with Jess for dinner the next day. Back at school, Rory is praised for her piece on the parking lot pavement so Paris lets her interview the teacher of the year (aka her mothers ex fiance). You know how to hold a grudge, Paris.

At Lorelai’s house, Jess and Luke come over while Sookie and Jackson are eating lemons. Jess seems intrigued by Rory and opens her bedroom window, suggesting they escape together. Rory is is eyerolling so hard at Jess.  Even she isn’t amused by him. Five minutes later, Jess is about to drink one of Lorelai’s beers outside. He is completely rude to Lorelai who was very calm with him. She didn’t even tell him off until he started making smart ass comments. Luke and Lorelai have a fight when she explains what happened to Luke.

Cut to the next morning and Rory wants her coffee and danish but Lorelai is being a child and doesn’t want to go to the diner. Of course she is. At school, Rory and Max talk through everything off the record. Back in Stars Hollow, Luke pushes Jess in a lake (I would too) and the town is accusing Jess of stealing money from a donation tin and a gnome from Babette. Luke lays down the law to Jess (this is going to stick) and tells him to return everything and quit the smoking. Honestly, I’d get him to quit the stupid card tricks and close up magic. Seriously. He goes up to Rory and gives her a book that he stole from her bedroom and has defaced the book. How is that cool Jess, how is that cool?

Episode Highlight: 

Rory Gilmore just wanting a peaceful danish day






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