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Gilmore Girls 2×04: The road trip to Harvard

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RORY: What are we doing here?

LORELAI: We are beholding your future.

RORY: It’s big.

LORELAI: You have a big future.


Lorelai and Rory end up at Harvard to bare witness Rory’s future and Lorelai starts thinking about her.

My Review:

The girls are on a road trip and Lorelai doesn’t want to decide where they are going but Rory has a map. After she begs Lorelai to please stop and stay somewhere overnight, they end up at a b&b that was owned by someone that Lorelai once knew. Lorelai rings Sookie and asks her to spread the news that engagement is off.  When they get there, she realises it has been taken over by someone else who really loves the whole mingling thing. Whoops. Rory is tired and hungry so they decide to stay there anyway and the people are downstairs, so no dinner for them. But they do argue when Rory wants to talk about Max and Lorelai is a child and keeps turning the light off so they don’t have to.

Cut to the next morning and they think they have found an escape without talking to people, nope – they’re all there waiting for them. Lorelai leaves Rory to fend for herself and rings Sookie again to who tells Luke while she is on the phone to Lorelai. Luke is all happy now and gives free coffee to everyone in the diner. Why so happy Luke? Lorelai saves poor Rory from the three hundred questions and works out where they can go. Harvard. They get there and Lorelai is mistaken for a student. Yes, she is young. But so young that she looks like she goes to college, that to me seems like a little bit of a stretch. They see a library and Rory is having a panic attack about her intelligence and how many books she has read. Lorelai steers her toward a dorm hall and they somehow go into an empty dorm room because Lorelai wants to see what they look like. The girl from that room shows up and says nothing to either Lorelai or Rory as they exit her room. Lorelai goes to the bathroom and Rory sneaks into a class, when she gets back to the classroom she sees Rory participating in the discussion and realises holy crap, my daughter so belongs here. After Lorelai’s epiphany that her daughter is almost in college they go home and pray the gossip has died down. They do know they live in gossip central, right?

They go to dinner at the Gilmore’s and Lorelai is punishing Emily by showing her slides of their big trip. Emily is not liking it at all. Lorelai tells her that she isn’t engaged anymore and Emily’s reaction was gold, she honestly thought that Lorelai eloped without telling her. In the end she just tells Lorelai that she isn’t getting a present anymore and she has to return it. Back in Stars Hollow, Lane has returned from Korea in once piece. Yay for Lane. Lorelai goes to the diner and she and Luke have a moment that was really sweet and she decides she is ready to start moving on buying an inn with Sookie. Good for you, Lorelai.

Episode Highlight: 

Rory Gilmore’s face when she saw Harvard from the first time.




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