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Gilmore Girls 2×03: Red light on the wedding night


Rory: Should we feel bad for eating this cake when Sookie is making the cake for the wedding? 


The wedding is coming up and Lorelai is really starting to get cold feet.

My Review:

The episode opens and the girls are of course eating, this time it is cake. They seem to have no problem letting the poor old woman let them try free cake when Sookie is already making the wedding cake. Max is having his apartment painted so Lorelai suggests that he stays with them over the weekend. How nice Lorelai. Except that when he makes them dinner and goes to sleep, Lorelai goes down to Rory and has a minor melt down. Poor, sweet Lorelai. Is she having marriage doubts? She even falls asleep in Rory’s bed and not in the bed with her fiance.

Taylor decided to add a stop light in front of the diner and Luke doesn’t know if he is more mad at Taylor or Max in the diner with the girls. Lorelai and Rory just want their blueberry pancakes for breakfast. Rory and Dean join the adults for date night and Dean tells Max about all the delightful perks of dating a Gilmore girl. There are so damn many. Rory and Dean stay outside the door when they get home and Max tries to ask Lorelai what to do if Rory stays out past curfew or comes home drunk. Lorelai is blaze about it and says that Rory would never do that, and if she did, he wouldn’t handle it. Now Max is upset because he has realised his entire role in Lorelai and Rory’s life is answering the phone and cooking dinner.

Cut to the next day and the entire town is watching the unveiling of the traffic light while Lorelai and Sookie bachelorette night plan. Sookie wants to be sensible and eat, Lorelai just wants to drink. Rory is snuck into the bar and passed off as eighteen and are surprised to find Emily in there waiting. Even Emily is surprised that Rory (who looks about twelve) is passed off as eighteen. Emily tells a story about the night before her wedding and everyone starts contacting their significant others – except Lorelai who rings Christopher?

Cut to the next morning, Max and Lorelai have another fight about keys because Max has none into the house. Rory wants to know why her mother rang her father from her bachelorette party to another man. Luke delivers a Chuppah as a wedding gift so they can get married under it, Lorelai is touched. The next thing we see, Lorelai is begging Rory to pack her things so that they can on a road trip cause the wedding is off.

Episode Highlight: 

Emily talking about getting married to Richard










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