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Gilmore Girls 2×02: Hammers and Veils


Rory: When are you going to tell them?


Rory decides to get more extra curricular activities while Lorelai and Emily have a very heated argument. 

My Review:

The episode opens with Lorelai trying on a newspaper veil, which I don’t quite understand. But Rory seems to be highly amused by it. It is summer, but Rory is going to school to do summer classes where Madeleine (I think…) suggests that she does a house building with them the next day. It is great on her transcript and she is helping those less fortunate. Paris isn’t liking the idea of Rory being there, Lorelai is loving the idea of her incredibly ‘girly’ almost seventeen-year-old making someone a home when she can’t even change a light globe. The dinner with Emily and Richard is awkward to say the least. Lorelai tells Emily that she is engaged and gets a very cold response. Richard talks to Rory and seems sincere about his apology.

Lorelai gives Rory a pink fluffy hammer before she leaves to go house building and Rory just stuffs it in her backpack. Paris freaks Rory out to a next level about her extra curricular activities and Dean is being so stupid when she tells him that she can’t hang out because she is clearly freaking out. Look Dean, the summer may be about ‘chilling or whatever’ for you, but Rory is driven and a perfectionist. Be supportive.  Lorelai and Max go to dinner and Lorelai seems preoccupied. She briefly mentions Rory to Max and when he suggests they go someplace else to talk and she gets him to drive to her parents place. He stands at the door while Lorelai and Emily have the most heated conversation and everything is now out in the open.

The next day Lorelai realises it was Sookie who told Emily and that she is having a surprise wedding shower. Two hours before Lane is off to Korea for what she presumes will be forever. Everyone is having a good time, Kirk has a megaphone and Lorelai and Max are sitting on thrones. Lorelai leaves said party for her to find Luke, she is really into this guy she is engaged to. Face palm. Even when they are dancing later, she is looking at Luke. Lorelai goes to her mother the next day and apologises, asking her opinion on veils when Emily suggests a tiara.

Episode Highlight: 

Lorelai laughing at Rory when she hears the word ‘building a house’






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