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Gilmore Girls 2×01: Sadie, Sadie


Emily: Who do you know at Chilton?


Rory makes the top three percent of her class so Richard and Emily tell her to bring a friend to dinner, she of course chooses Dean. Lorelai makes a decision about whether she will say yes to Max. 

My Review:

We are up to season two and it opens with Rory harassing her mother for an answer as to whether she is marrying her teacher. The way she gets excited at Lorelai eyeing off a bridal magazine is the best thing I have ever seen. It was cute when Rory did it, but somehow the entire town (that REALLY needs a hobby) literally followed Lorelai and Rory to Luke’s to see how Luke would react to Lorelai being proposed to. They are actually pressed up against the store windows and Kirk faints. Luke seems to not really care at all.

Cut to the dinner at the Gilmore’s the next night and Emily is basically bouncing off her seat with good news. One teeny problem, Lorelai and Rory already know it. When Emily says ‘who do you know at Chilton?’ and Lorelai just goes ‘um, Rory’ – this may be one of my favourite lines. Oh, Emily. At least she suggests to celebrate Rory being in the top three percent of her class by allowing her to invite a friend to dinner the next week. Lorelai calls Max and puts on the engagement ring, which causes Rory to scream during dinner and scare her grandparents half to death. Rory really wants this marriage to happen.

The next day, Lorelai is so happy at work and tells Sookie that she and Max are engaged. Sookie starts crying and scares Jackson when he comes in, at least she and Lorelai had a good laugh. Max calls Rory and talks engagement rings, Lorelai is barking like a dog and I was laughing. Woman knows that was the exact ring for her. Rory asks Dean to come to dinner with them when he turns up to the house and he seems hesistant but of course he is going to go. This is the guy who comes to her first movie night after being back with Rory and is already doing chores for Lorelai.

They turn up to the Gilmore house the next week and Dean is wearing a pukka shell necklace. This is a fancy house, not a beach party. Really Dean? Really? Emily isn’t impressed to see him and Lorelai makes a joke that Dean wanted beer and he freaks out until he realises all the Gilmore Girls are laughing at him. But if you thought Emily took it bad, Richard was worse. Much worse. He starts quizzing Dean about his grades during dinner and Rory snaps at her grandfather which makes dinner come to a crashing halt.

When they get home, Rory is trying to making sure that Dean isn’t upset but he assures her that he is okay. Back in the house, Lorelai defends her father and tells Rory that he probably saw her with Dean and he had a sudden flashback to Lorelai at sixteen and suddenly everything he hoped for Rory would go out the window. Sookie, for some reason, calls Emily and invites her to Lorelai’s engagment party while burning her hand. Emily’s face drops and she goes into Richard and tells him that he will apologise to Rory because she would like to know when Rory gets engaged. The episode ends with Lorelai sitting with Max, completely focused on her ring and not her fiance. Will this marriage work out?

Episode Highlight:

Emily genuinely wondering who Lorelai could possibly know at the school her daughter goes to.




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