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Gilmore Girls 1×20: Ps I lo…


Lorelai: Am I more beautiful today than I was yesterday? Maybe I was just as beautiful yesterday but lacked the self esteem to recognise it.


Rory is in a bad mood and no one can be around her. She finds out about Max and Lorelai and runs away to Richard and Emily.

My Review:

The episode opens and Rory is tired and hasn’t been sleeping very well, so Lorelai gets her to play a game to wake her up. This goes very well, until Dean walks past and her mood goes from zero to one hundred percent mad and pretty much stays that way. Lorelai sees Luke trying to buy Rachel cat pot-holders for her birthday and tells him to get rid of them and she will go shopping for him, he agrees to this pretty reluctantly. Meanwhile Lane doesn’t tell Rory that she is doing a science project with Dean and she walks into the antique store and sees them.

The next day Rory has clearly woken up on the wrong side of bed and is zero percent amused by her mother. Lorelai walks into Luke’s with three hundred shopping bags and buys Rachel what I thought was a really good present. Lorelai does know how to present shop, I’ll give her that. At school, Max tells Rory to stay after class and accidentally tells her that he and Lorelai are talking. If Rory was mad before, she is steaming now. Back at the diner, Rachel walks into Lorelai dressing Luke. Whoops. She gets off the bus back home and yells at Lane and then Lorelai. When Lorelai gets home, Rory is no where to be seen because she went to her grandparents place. Lorelai goes into panic mode before Emily rings to say that Rory wants to stay over at their house, at least Lorelai knows that she is safe.

Lorelai is at the diner the next day and tells Luke that Rory ran way, then she storms into the market and blows at Dean. Until he tells her that he told Rory that he loves her and she didn’t say it back. Lorelai storms into her parents house and talks to Rory, saying that she doesn’t want Rory to be like her in relationships. Rory apologises to Lane and all is mended and happy again.

Episode Highlight:

When they were playing the game at the start of the episode. It just seemed like a lot of fun.





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