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Gilmore Girls 1×19: Emily in Wonderland


LORELAI: Sudden interest in pop music I sat her down to listen to a Prince song once, and she looked like she was having a stroke. Wait a minute. I know what she’s doing.

RORY: What?

LORELAI: She’s trying to be your pal now. Ah, that sneak. You spend one day together and she wants to know all about you. She’s picturing you guys chatting about boys, and painting each other’s toenails. 


Rory gives Emily the grand tour of Stars Hollow while Lorelai goes with Rachel to see an old, abandoned inn. 

My Review:

The episode opens with Rory asking Emily for baby pictures of Lorelai and we find out that at seven Lorelai burned all of her baby pictures because she apparently had a ‘big head’. Which is confusing because earlier in the season Rory found a baby picture of Lorelai in a dress in the photo album. She couldn’t have used that? Moving on, Rory offers to show her grandmother around Stars Hollow on the weekend which Emily happily accepts. Lorelai on the other hand, makes it clear that she will definitely not be able to see her mother as she is far to busy with work.

Cut to Saturday, Rory and Lorelai are at the diner – a shock to no one. Rachel shows Lorelai a picture of her and Luke, as well as one of an inn. Luke makes a comment that Lorelai’s eyes are ‘nicely attached to her head’. Just say she has nice eyes Luke, she has beautiful eyes. Obvious to anyone who can see them. Rachel offers to take Lorelai to this old abandoned inn and Luke doesn’t like the idea of his ex girlfriend and woman he clearly has feelings for are hanging out. Back at the inn, Lorelai is met by Rune (guy she went on the awful double date with) and Sookie begs her to give him a job and let him stay in the potting shed that Lorelai and Rory lived in when they moved to Stars Hollow. Lorelai reluctantly, very reluctantly agrees. Emily shows up at the Gilmore house and Rory gives her a pair of Lorelai’s shoes to wear so that she can take a walking tour of the town.

Rachel has taken Lorelai to the inn and they talk about Luke, where Rachel mentions that she is ready to settle down. This makes Lorelai only a tiny bit awkward. Emily on the other hand is loving the antique store and goes head to head with Mrs Kim, Rory and Lane are absolutely loving it. So am I. Lorelai is back at the inn and Michel needs Lorelai to confirm she and Rune went out on a date together. Rory ends up at the inn with Emily who meets and loves Michel. Not as much as he loves her though, clearly. Lorelai is only one percent shocked at this. Rory takes Emily back to the potting shed and shows her where she and Lorelai came when they ran away. Emily freaks out and leaves immediately. The way her face dropped so suddenly, I was a mess. Meanwhile Luke and Lorelai have a brief argument moment in the storage area of the diner and Lorelai tells him to trust Rachel.

Lorelai and Rory are at a movie the next day, Rory tells her mother that Emily rang her asking what her favourite band was. Kirk wants the girls to please be quiet as they are in a movie theatre, Lorelai just rolls her eyes at him. As we all would. At dinner, Emily shows Rory her bedroom at the Gilmore house and Lorelai doesn’t like this – at all. Lorelai and Emily have a massive argument because Emily realises that Lorelai would have lived anywhere as long it wasn’t her parents house. Lorelai and Rory end up at the diner and they make a comment that the coffee is different while they look at Luke and Rachel being all love-y towards each other.

Episode Highlight:

The opening Friday dinner where Emily is explaining that Lorelai had a big head that she grew into.




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