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Gilmore Girls 1×18: The Third Lorelai


Lorelai: Did you know that butt models get $5000 a day

*Rory laughs*

Emily: Camelot is truly dead 


Trix (Lorelai the first) comes to town and offers to fund Chilton which could possibly change Lorelai and Rory’s relationship with Richard and Emily. 

My Review:

The episode opens with Richard dropping the bomb that his mother is visiting from London. No one is more thrilled than Emily is basically seconds away from having a nervous break down in the basement much to Lorelai’s delight. I love this side of Emily, when she is so vulnerable and yelling at Lorelai for being the least helpful person. The next day Rory has a super bright idea to get Tristan to ask Paris out on a date, that will end well. How Rory cannot tell that he has feeling for her is beyond me. But I also that she is that naïve when it comes to boys in a way that her mother wouldn’t be.

Friday night has rolled around and Lorelai is so ready for this dinner. One percent to see her grandma, ninety nine percent to watch her mother have a nervous break down, she even brings a camera with her. Lorelai the first (or Trix as Richard calls her) is just back talks Emily all evening. Emily comes out with cheese and nuts and it is just disaster after disaster. This is when I start feeling bad for poor Emily. Trix loves that Lorelai is self sufficient but when she hears that Richard and Emily are paying for Rory’s school she doesn’tl like it one bit, so much so she leaves the dinner table.

The next day Tristan asks Paris out, so Paris has a major meltdown and goes to Rory who helps her find an outfit of Lorelai’s to wear. WHY WOULD YOU GIVE HER YOUR MOTHERS CLOTHES, RORY. Meanwhile at dinner, Trix suggests to Lorelai that she can give Rory her trust fund early so that she can pay for Chilton. Lorelai is basically star jumping and Emily is steaming mad, so she tells Lorelai that if Rory has that money she won’t need her anymore to live with or go to Europe with. For some reason this really freaks Lorelai out, the Europe thing more than anything else. She really wants to travel with Rory. When she gets home she doesn’t wake Rory to tell her that she could have lots of money, instead tells Sookie the next morning. Not even Sookie can understand why she didn’t tell Rory immediately.

Back at the Gilmore house, Emily argues with Richard and tells him that the second Lorelai gets her hands on Rory’s money they won’t need them anymore. Emily wants Trix to take back the offer because she doesn’t want to lose her daughter. My heart dropped at that moment and my love for Emily tripled. Meanwhile at school, Paris finds out that Tristan only asked her out because Rory told him too and she is mad. I don’t think Lorelai will ever see her oufit again. Trix hears Lorelai and Emily argue at high tea and takes the money back on the count of they were being childish. Emily is happy about it, but won’t admit it to Lorelai. They actually end up having a nice moment before they leave. Lorelai meets Rory and tells her that she missed out on a quarter of a million dollars, Rory tells Lorelai that Paris borrowed clothes that Lorelai will never see again. Match point, ladies.

Episode Highlight:

EMILY. GILMORE. She was the golden shining star of this episode, hands down.









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