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Gilmore Girls 1×17: The Breakup Part II

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Lorelai: Rory, my heart. It’s 6am on a Saturday morning. The day of rest.

Rory: Sunday is the day of rest? 

Lorelai: Saturday is the day of pre-rest. 


The episode is a continuation of the one before. Lorelai tries to get Rory to tell her about what happened but Rory doesn’t want to talk about.

My Review:

The episode opens as a continuation of the one before. Lorelai tries to get Rory to tell her about what happened but Rory doesn’t want to talk about. She packs Dean’s things in a box and asks her mother to please get rid of it. Lorelai puts in the coat cupboard outside of Rory’s bedroom. She will never find it there, Lorelai. Ever. Cut to 6 o’clock the next morning and Rory is bouncing through her mothers bedroom, opening curtains and getting them started for the day bright and early. Lorelai is unimpressed, as would I be if someone was pulling off my bedsheets that early.  Rory has a million things that she wants to do, Lorelai wants her to stay in bed and wallow.

Lorelai is dragged out of bed and out of the house and they are off to get coffee at their favourite place – Luke’s. Only Rory can’t be near anywhere that Dean may or may not go. Lorelai needs her coffee though, so they climb dumpsters to get to the diner. The diner is buzzing with customers and Lorelai doesn’t understand why people are up so early. Rory is sure everyone is whispering about her and Dean and my god she is on the money. This town really loves their gossip. Lorelai tells Luke when he finally comes down that Dean and Rory are over, Kirk sees Rory and tries to offer his condolences to her. Luke sees Dean walking toward the diner and they almost have a punch on right outside where Lorelai and Rory are sitting in the diner and they have to run out to break them up.

Back at home, Rory wants to go to a Chilton party so Lorelai tells her to take Lane. Lorelai sees her box of things from Max and decides to borrow Sookie’s car (after an awkward, unnecessary scene with Sookie and Jackson) and drive over to him and of course they have the sex. All of the sex. Lane meets a Korean boy at the party that her parents would approve and freaks out, while Rory and Tristan have a conversation that ends in a kiss and Rory crying. She goes home and she is ready to eat ice cream, stay in bed and wallow – Lorelai orders the pizza for her like the good mother that she is.

Episode Highlight: 

Lorelai at six in the morning when Rory is waking her up.




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4 thoughts on “Gilmore Girls 1×17: The Breakup Part II

    1. I didn’t really dislike it. I just find episodes tend to be more enjoyable (for me at least) when Emily is in them. Mostly for the humour.

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