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Gilmore Girls 1×16: Star Cross’d Lovers and other things.


Lorelai: Tomorrow I am going to hate everyone who says ‘hey what’s up.’

Rachel: Hey, what’s up

Lorelai: That is too easy


It is the firelight festival and Lorelai is set up on a date with her parents while Rory and Dean celebrate their three month anniversary.

My Review:

The episode opens with Miss Patty scaring the life out of young children. How they allow her to be around children absolutely baffles me. The own firelight festival is happening. Dean asks Rory to try and get out of Friday dinner so Lorelai pleads her mother to call Emily and ask her. Lorelai is sure she knows the answer will be no way, no how is she getting out of dinner. Emily is perfectly fine with it and Lorelai is shocked. Paris is eye rolling at Tristan and the girl he is making out with infront of her and Rory’s locker. You tell him Paris, you tell him.

Lorelai is annoyed at all of the love around town and goes to Luke’s, hoping he will understand her hatred. They are hating love together until his ex girlfriend Rachel enters the building. Whoops. Lorelai meets her and goes on a tangent about coffee makers. I mean, if anyone knows coffee makers it is probably Lorelai or as she calls herself ‘Mrs Coffee’. Lorelai ends up at her parents alone and is skulling her coffee before she goes in, Emily opens the door before she rings the doorbell. It takes Lorelai all of three seconds to see that her mother has set her up on a date and when she confronts Emily about it, she laughs in Lorelai’s face. Emily is that sure that Lorelai cannot get a man for herself. The dinner ends with Lorelai sneaking out of her bedroom window and Richard covering for her.

Meanwhile in the hollow (that’s what we call Stars Hollow now) Dean takes Rory to a nice dinner and afterwards a car yard. Where he shows her the car that he is building her. What a boyfriend, Rory. Can I have a Dean? He tells Rory and that he loves her and she spins out and they break up. Sorry Dean and Rory. Lorelai is at the festival and talks to Luke after Rachel asks him what is going on with Lorelai. They argue for a moment, but it’s overall very, very sweet. When Lorelai gets home, she is about to ring Max and stops when Rory comes home and tells her that she and Dean broke up. All the hugs for Rory Gilmore.

Episode Highlight:

Richard looking at Lorelai climbing outside of the bedroom window and Richard covering for her.








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