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Gilmore Girls 1×15: Christopher Returns


Emily: But you young lady, your person and your being are not for a moment included on that list.


Christopher is in town so Emily has a bright idea to invite him AND his parents to the weekly dinner. So much drama unfolds.

My Review:

The episode opens and Rory is so damn excited that her dad is in town and thinks that things might be different while Lorelai is telling her that it probably won’t be. I guess this is Rory’s more ‘childish’ side, she has great hopes for her parents ending up together. As someone who also grew up in a single parent household, I think I have trouble understanding how she could think this. But that is a story for another day, for now I am absolutely on team Lorelai of not getting too excited about it and enjoying whatever time she does have with her father.

The next day Rory takes her dad to meet Dean while Lorelai walks into the inn’s kitchen to see Sookie and Michel being pleasant with each other. But who the man staying with Lorelai and Rory is the hot button topic of the town. Rory gives him a tour and hey end up at the bookstore where Rory wants a giant dictionary. We get it, she is smart. Luke asks Lorelai who the guy Rory was with is and Lorelai tells him that he is Rory’s father. Emily calls them when they are at the diner and has a great idea – Christopher and his parents can join them for Friday night dinner. What a GREAT idea Emily, that won’t provoke world war three.

At the Gilmore house Lorelai can’t believe how much her parents are praising Christopher, meanwhile Rory doesn’t even know what to call her other grandparents who haven’t seen her since she was a baby. Lorelai makes a comment about the president and all hell breaks loose. People yell, Rory is sent to the next room. Richard throws Christopher’s parents out and it goes silent. Lorelai tries to thank her dad for defending her but gets a lecture instead. Then comes one of my favourite Emily and Rory scenes in the kitchen when she tells Rory that she has never been a disappointment to her or Richard. Emily may sometimes struggle being a mother but she has grandma down so well.

Meanwhile in Stars Hollow, Luke is waiting for Lorelai to paint the diner together and she is a no show  because she is too busy having sex with Christopher on the balcony at her parents place. They finally get home, Lorelai makes sure that Rory is okay and when she wakes the next day she suddenly remembers she was meant to have gone to Luke’s the night before. Christopher wants to marry Lorelai, she calls him insane. I would too. He leaves and promises to call more, Rory still believes there is a chance for her parents. She breaks into the diner in the middle of the night and paints it for Luke, so when he comes in the next morning she is covered in paint. He seemed pretty impressed that she convinced the bread guy to let her in, though.

Episode Highlight:

Emily telling Rory that she has never been, nor will she ever be a disappointment.




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