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Gilmore Girls 1×14: That damn Donna Reid


Rory: Look it’s mother-daughter window washing. We should try that.

Lorelai: Right after the mother-daughter shock treatments.


Lorelai and Luke look for a missing bird, Rory and Dean have a perfect dinner.

My Review:

The episode opens with a movie night at the Gilmore house. Dean makes a comment that he kind of likes the idea of a woman cooking dinner for her husband. Lorelai and Rory look at him like he is the enemy number one. I think he could have worded it differently, though. At the diner the next, Lorelai tells Luke that she wants him to paint it and he reluctantly agrees to the delight of Taylor. This was nearly as good as the reaction that Emily and Richard have when Lorelai suggests they can fly to Europe in coach. I am assuming these two think there is nothing behind the first class curtains.

Babette is going out of the town and they have a new cat, so they ask Rory to house sit. Lorelai is so hurt, offended and upset by this. SHE IS LITERALLY TEN METRES AWAY LORELAI.  Dean brings up the perfect housewife thing again and I am smacking my hand to my head because NO DEAN YOU IDIOT. Rory has a bird that she has to monitor for school and Lorelai names him Stanley and then Stella when she realises it is a girl. Because of course she is getting attached to Rory’s bird.  Lorelai goes to dinner at Luke’s and helps him pick paint samples, where the entire town has their face pressed up against the window. They absolutely think these two are moments away from having sex. Rory has an idea to cook Dean a perfect dinner and goes to Lane’s to get a ‘weird cd’ that they eventually find.

When Lorelai gets home the bird has escaped from her cage so she screams out ‘STELLAAAAAA’ – getting those pop culture references down. She calls Luke and asks him to come and help her find the bird. Even Luke thinks that Lorelai wants to have sex with him. Luke helps to find this bird and breaks a lamp, Lorelai wants to know why Luke was so surprised she actually had a bird loose. You cannot be that naïve Lorelai, seriously. Dean loves the dinner but tells Rory that it isn’t what he expects from her. Luke goes to leave as Dean takes out out the rubbish and they run into each other. Lorelai and Rory come out of the houses and Lorelai is laughing so hard at Rory in the apron and the pearls.

The next day Sookie even knows why Luke was surprised there was actually a bird. She tells Lorelai who just gets mad and doesn’t want to accept that she and Luke might have feelings for each other. At dinner, Emily and Richard announce they found a place to stay on their trip and Lorelai joking mentions Rory in an apron before telling her parents ‘we’re giving up on Harvard and going for a more achieveable dream. She is going to be a maid, just like I was.’ Way to bring the conversation to a crashing halt Lorelai. Emily asks Lorelai if there was something between her and Luke – EVEN EMILY THINKS THEY ARE HAVING SEX – Lorelai admits that she might have feeling for him so Emily asks her what the hell she is thinking. Nice job Emily. Nice job. At the market the next day someone yells ‘take your shirt off’ to Lorelai and Rory. Not to worry, is is Rory’s father. Lorelai is unimpressed, Rory runs to him like a six year old.

Episode Highlight:

Emily and Richard being in TOTAL shock that Lorelai suggested not to fly first class






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