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Gilmore Girls 1×13: Concert Interuptus


Rory: Can you please not trade in our old crap for new crap?


Lorelai, Sookie, Rory, Paris, Madeleine and Louise go to a bangles concert together. Drama will ensue. Of course.


My Review:

The episode opens with Lorelai in a bandana refusing to get rid of anything in her closet even though she suggested and agreed to host the town rumage sale. Oh, sweet Lorelai. Tristan is called out by the teacher for staring at Rory in class before Rory, Madeleine, Louise and Paris are all forced to work together. Tristan is being an a-class idiot once again but Rory dismisses him. The girls decided to go to Rory’s on the weekend to prepare for their debate and Rory  is very happy about it. But slightly more happy that once the study day is over, she will be going with her mother, Sookie and Lane to see The Bangles in concert. Well, Lane can only go if she can find a convincing enough lie to tell her mother. This may not work. At the diner, Rory laughs at Luke and Luke freaks out when he sees Lorelai in the bedazzled jacket that he dropped off.

This has thrown Lorelai because she has never seen Luke like that. While the girls are studying, Sookie and Lorelai are upstairs and Sookie tells Lorelai all about Luke’s ex girlfriend who was clearly the owner of said jacket. Meanwhile Paris makes a comment that Lorelai clearly regretted having a child at sixteen, Rory is not a fan of the comment but makes a fair judgment that her mother would suggest it to people, but would say it worked out for her. Lorelai is in the kitchen now and comes up with a great idea to take the three girls with them to the concert. Rory takes a second to get on board with it so Lorelai tells the girls that they are invited.

They are in ‘New York’ now and Lorelai sends the girls to the great seats while she and Sookie have to climb and climb to get to theirs. I want to know whose suggestion it was to get Lorelai and Sookie fake laughing – it was awful. Almost as good as Lorelai asking about Luke’s ex girlfriend again and Sookie making a comment that Lorelai has something for Luke. Meanwhile in the good seats (and I use this term loosely) Madeleine and Louise decide to leave the concert to go and hang out with two boys they just met. Even Rory knows this is a stupid idea that Lorelai is going to flip out about. But Paris smiling at Rory just melted my heart. I did love when Rory asked Paris what she could possibly see in Tristan.

Rory was bang on about Lorelai going nuts – to the extreme that she was banging on every apartment door in the building the girls said they would be at. She finally finds them and goes off at them for not just doing something incredibly stupid, but doing it with her daughter present. You just see Paris in the back enjoying every moment of Lorelai going crazy at Madeleine and Louise. The next day Lorelai and Rory talk about what happened and Lorelai gives Luke the bedazzled jacket.

Episode Highlight:

 Paris totally warming up to Rory and genuinely enjoying herself.








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