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Gilmore Girls 1×12: Double Date


Sookie: I’ll be your best friend 

Lorelai: You ARE my best friend. 


Lane, Rory, Dean his friend and Todd go on a double date meanwhile Lorelai, Sookie, Jackson and his cousin Rune go on one too. 

My Review:

The episode opens with Lorelai and Rory getting ready to leave the house for work and school. It was a sweet montage, especially when Lorelai takes the hairclip out of Rory’s hair. Cut to after school, Lane and Rory are listening to music while Lorelai is studying for a test so she tells them to turn it down. I am Lorelai trying to study – aka, sitting in front of books complaining most of the time. I feel you Lorelai, I really feel you. Lane asks Rory to get Dean to organise a double date with his friend so Lane can go on a date with him. Rory reluctantly agrees to this.

The next day Lorelai witnesses a very awkward encounter with Sookie and Jackson. She convinces Sookie to just organise a date with him already. The way in which Sookie is so sweet and ridiculously awkward about it just made my heart melt. Rory asks Dean to set up the double date and he can’t resist Rory, so he says that he will. Meanwhile Michel is being well – Michel – and I want Lorelai to fire him already. Sookie comes out of the kitchen and tells Lorelai that she may have set them up on a double date with Jackson’s cousin. Lorelai is pumped about dating said cousin that she has never met. But she can’t resist Sookie just trying to go out on a date, so she agrees to it.

It’s double date night and Lane and Rory tell Lorelai that they are meeting Dean but neglect to tell Lane’s mother. Sookie is so nervous but Lorelai calms her down moments before Jackson and his awful cousin turn up. He thinks Lorelai is too tall and is not afraid to say this to her face. This is going to end well. Lane is on a bad date too if that makes you feel any better, Lorelai. The adults end up at a french restaurant and Sookie has gone into overdrive, so Lorelai decides to move them to Luke’s. Sookie and Jackson sit at a table, Rune (Lorelai’s awful date) leaves and Lorelai sits at the bar and hangs out with Luke.  Meanwhile Lane is on a date with a guy who she had zero in common with. Cut to a minute later, Mrs Kim comes in the diner and is freaking out because Lorelai is supposed to be with Lane and Rory. They find them at the movie theatre, Lane goes home and Lorelai is not too impressed with Rory for lying to her. At least Lorelai was amused that Lane’s date thought she was a ‘total babe’.

The next day Lane is grounded so Lorelai decided to go over to Mrs Kim’s and talk to her and remind her that her parents used to try lock her up too and that did not work. Clearly. Lane is allowed out of the house  – well to the sign at the front of her house at least so Rory is going to see her. Lorelai and Luke have a brief but awkward encounter.

Episode Highlight: 

Lorelai seriously being me trying to study for her test.





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