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Gilmore Girls 1×11: Paris is Burning

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LORELAI: (gasps) Puppies!! (runs across the street to all the puppies) Hi! Oh hi! Hi! Oohh! Rory look at the baby! (in front of one)


It is parents day at Chilton and Paris is the schools headline with her parents messy divorce.

My Review:

The episode opens with Lorelai running to puppies and I can honestly say that would probably be me. Unfortunately, Luke and Rory stop her from getting a dog. Don’t worry, she does get one in the future. She ends up at Max’s place and makes what was a normal dinner very awkward by telling him that she will give Rory a pre-emptive ‘A’ on her paper. Lorelai, please don’t make this weirder than this is. Cut to school and Madeleine, Louise and Paris are whispering about who Max’s girlfriend might be. Rory is just slumping in her seat cause she knows who it is.

Friday night dinner and I am excited. Emily brings up parents day and Lorelai has no idea that it is coming up but agrees to go. Rory is trying to leave the house before Max comes over to pick Lorelai up for a date because she doesn’t want the weird conversation. Too late, she has to open the door to him and they agree to give each other out of school names to make it less awkward. Lorelai has a panic attack the next day because Rory casually mentions the name ‘Max’ in a conversation with her mother. She is getting comfortable with her mother dating her teacher and this has flipped a swritch into overdrive to Lorelai. Sookie even has a sing-song because she knows that Lorelai is panicking. Aww Sookie, can I just give you a bear hug.

School the next day and Paris’ parents divorce is still the hot topic. Max tries to talk to Rory and Lorelai doesn’t want to go to parents day – she and Rory argue briefly. Lorelai still goes and tries to give Max the book that he lent her but he doesn’t want it and they end up making out in the English classroom. Paris sees this and tells the entire school before mentioning it to Rory with the biggest smile on her face. Paris, honestly. But Rory’s face when the school is a-buzz and Lorelai walks into the dining room. If I ever felt sorry for Rory, it would be this episode. Back to the Gilmore mansion and Emily has obviously found out and goes off at Lorelai for making out with a teacher at her daughters school. Lorelai is crying, trying to explain herself but her mother doesn’t understand it.

At school, Rory tries to make Paris understand how many people she hurt but spreading that rumour and though Paris doesn’t apologise you see a slightly softer side to her. Sookie gets the courage to ask Jackson out so sweetly and Lorelai and Max have ‘the’ conversation which makes them decide to take a break and leaves Lorelai in her bed crying when Rory goes to find her mama. My heart broke so hard for Lorelai


The two scenes that we got with Emily – of course.







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