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Gilmore Girls 1×10: Forgiveness and Stuff


Lorelai: I said you look good. What are we, in fifth grade? 


It is Christmas time in Stars Hollow. Lorelai gets uninvited to her mother’s christmas party and Rory goes alone – but they end up in the hospital and Lorelai meets them there with Luke. 

My Review:

It is Christmas in Stars Hollow and Lorelai and Rory are still upset at each other over went down at the dance. Just make up girls, it is Christmas! Lane has some fun views on gift giving and tells Rory that she can’t give Dean a book she has read. I thought that wasn’t a bad present idea, but that is just me. Cut to the next day, Michel is being – well Michel – and Emily uninvited Lorelai to their annual Christmas party. Now Lorelai is officially mad, she basically hangs up on her mother at this point.

Rory wants Lorelai to come with her to the party but Lorelai is refusing to go and says she will be fine without the apple tarts. Rory leaves and Lorelai is eating lettuce out of a bag until Dean knocks on Rory’s bedroom window. He apologises to Lorelai and tells her that nothing happened, which is what Rory has been saying continuously. Lorelai accepts his apology and goes to Luke’s for food, but wants something Christmas-sy so Luke makes her a Santa burger. It actually looked disgusting. Thankfully, she didn’t eat it because her father is in the hospital and Luke drives her to Hartford to see her father. The entire drive there she says that he can’t remember a good ‘dad’ moment she had with her father.

In the hospital, Emily Gilmore has made Jane Lynch (as a nurse) her public enemy number one for calling ‘Miss Gilmore’ and making her fill out forms. Lorelai can hearing her mother yelling down the corridor and gets Jane Lynch away from the scene. Emily thinks that Lorelai and Luke (who is with her) were on a date but Lorelai reassures her that they weren’t. Richard is finally in a hospital room and Lorelai is too scared to go in and see him. In the room, Rory is reading him the newspaper and Emily gets emotional and demands to go first. My heart has broken into a thousand and one pieces. Rory and Lorelai make up and everything is right in the world.

Outside the hospital room, Luke and Emily have a brief nice moment and she really wants to know if they are dating. Emily Gilmore is really thinking that these two are an item. Lorelai sees her father and asks Luke to take Rory home while she goes to get food with Emily. The next day she gives Luke his christmas present – a new baseball cap in case his old one gets broken or lost. How thoughtful Lorelai, but also can these two just get it over and start dating now. Ugh.

Episode Highlight:

Emily Gilmore giving Jane Lynch (as a nurse) a piece of her mind. I was laughing.




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