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Gilmore Girls 1×09: Rory’s Dance

Lorelai: I made the dress
Emily: You did a good job with the dress, and with Rory
Rory goes to her first school dance while Lorelai and Emily spend an evening together in Stars Hollow.

My review:
Any episode that opens with a Friday Night Dinner is destined to be a good one. Emily mentions a school formal that Rory wasn’t intending on going to, therefore hadn’t said anything to her mother. In the car on the way home, Lorelai brings it up again and tells Rory that she thinks it would be a good experience for her. Rory is still hesitant, mostly because she has to ask Dean and doesn’t know if he would say yes. Dean, of course, agrees to go with Rory who seems pretty excited about it now. Maybe she did want to go but was too ask him.
Lorelai looses a fight with the mannequin when making Rory’s dress and lets Emily come to the house to see Rory off to her first school dance. Emily is more excited about this than Rory (who is actually the one going) is, oh Emily. Rory tries to buy tickets to the dance but not before being harassed by Paris and Tristan. I need Tristan to go and find a hole to crawl into like yesterday. Formal night and Sookie (queen of physical comedy) sprays herself in the eye with hairspray when trying to get Rory’s hair. She goes to leave and accidentally brings up Lorelai’s back spasm. Emily isn’t going anywhere now. Whoops. Rory, on the other hand, has Dean honking outside and after I start feeling sorry for her (they agreed that he would honk the horn) he finally comes to the door. Emily is satisfied that she didn’t run out like it was a drive through. Emily and her arcaic views of the world.
Emily and Lorelai are left at the house and she is determined to take care of Lorelai overnight. They have a brief argument over candlesticks that Lorelai traded in for a lamp, but aside from that – they are enjoying themselves. Though they would never admit it. Emily makes banana mushed on toast that Lorelai is refusing to eat (it looks disgusting!) though she eventually takes a bite, which causes Emily to do the same and promptly get rid of it. Emily compliments Lorelai on the dress she made Rory and the way that Lorelai was raising her. Lorelai is happy to hear her mother say that. Lorelai takes pain killers and drifts off to sleep mumbling ‘thank you mummy.’ Emily’s face said it all and my heart was skipping a beat for her. She was so happy to just be there for Lorelai.
At the formal, Tristan is being himself. Can I just smack him? Paris blurts out that she is there with her cousin and Madeleine and Louise comment on Rory’s nice dress (it really was a pretty dress). Rory and Dean (who almost punches Tristan) leave and end up at Miss Patty’s dance studio where they fall asleep. At 5.30 the next morning, Patty finds them on the crash mats. At the house Lorelai and Emily have a full blown screaming match in a panic to find the sixteen year old who never came home. Lorelai throws her mother out and blows up at Rory. Rory, darling of the world doesn’t take it well. Kid, you were out all night. If I did that my parents would have happily murdered me. You made a mistake. Own up to it and take responsibility for your actions.
Episode Highlight:
Lorelai and Emily having an enjoyable evening together.


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