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Gilmore Girls 1×08: Love, War and Snow


Lorelai: Ladies and Gentlemen, we have flakes. Flakage, if you will, has begun. 


It starts snowing – which Lorelai loves. This means winter coats and Rory being stuck in Hartford overnight with her grandparents.

My review:

The episode opens with the first town meeting. These become such a staple of the show and I just love them. Almost as much as Luke slowly getting angrier and angrier at the town re-enactors. He is like a cartoon character at this point, just a grumpy man in a baseball cap. The next morning Lorelai is sitting in the living room, window open, listening to a voicemail from Max Medina on full blast. That won’t wake Rory, not at all. Rory gets up about thirty seconds later and sits with her mother who is now smelling snow – a signature Lorelai trait, even in the revival. Lorelai admits her one true love is snow and I couldn’t love her more.

The next day Lane (in a god awful band unform) is trying to talk to a very distracted Rory. Lorelai is still on her snow buzz and makes fun of Rory, with Sookie, because she wants to take cookies to Dean. Rory is still distracted and not listening to Lane. Cut to the end of the school day, Emily rings Lorelai saying that there is a snow storm. Rory is stuck in Hartford with her grandparents and Lorelai is kid free in Stars Hollow. Max Medina suddenly appears and Lorelai agrees to take him out for dinner in the town.

Back in Hartford Emily is carrying on about their being no cook and the roads are treacherous so they can’t go out for dinner. Rory finds a frozen pizza in the fridge and offers to cook it for dinner but goes to talk to Lane on the phone while it is in the oven. Lane tries to tell her that she touched the hair of the boy that she liked. The timer beeps and Emily is beside herself because she doesn’t know how to work her own oven. This woman has clearly never used her oven before. The pizza is a giant hit and Rory finds baby pictures of Lorelai which is so sweet until  she finds a photo of her mother around the time she was pregnant with Rory.

Luke sees Lorelai and Max on their date while giving the re-enactors coffee and you see a hint of disappointment in him. Lorelai gets them to her front door and tells Max that she has never had a man in her house before. He convinces her to let him in and they are about to have so much sex, but – Lane is in Rory’s room and comes out. No sex for you tonight, Max and Lorelai. Lane goes back into Rory’s bedroom and Lorelai is so sweet and gives her a pep talk before allowing her to spend the night. Cut to the next morning and Rory sees her English teacher asleep on the couch and momentarily freaks out because she had ‘stuff’ hanging in the bathroom. She does tell Lorelai that she is okay with it though and apologises for being so distracted with Lane.

Episode Highlight:

Richard and Emily being so lost with their oven and not actually knowing what frozen pizza would taste like.







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