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Gilmore Girls 1×07: Kiss And Tell


Lorelai: Well, that was very polite of you. 


Dean and Rory kiss and Lorelai doesn’t hear it from Lorelai who decides to invite Dean over for a movie night.

My review:

The episode opens with Rory blurting out that her mother has no underwear on in the middle of Luke’s to no response. Come on, not even one person is interested in the fact rhat an attractive woman doesn’t have underwear on. Rory was just hoping to get coffee and a muffin, jeez. Lorelai, briefly mortified at her daughter pimping her out, grabs the muffins and the coffee anyway. Luke finally responds by telling Lorelai to not sit on cold benches. Good one Luke, ten minutes too late though. Ten minutes TOO late, Luke. Seriously.

Dean kisses Rory in the grocery store the next day and Rory runs and almost dies twice (those cars were JUST missing her) to Lane’s to tell her best friend the good news. Mrs Kim hears but Lane jumps in with the worlds worst cover. It is as this moment I am screaming, RORY GILMORE JUST TELL YOUR MOTHER YOU KISSED A BOY. It takes all of thirty seconds for Mrs Kim to tell Lorelai when Lorelai visits the antique store. Lorelai is hurt that Rory didn’t tell her, she thought they had that kind of a relationship – one where they can talk about boys. You know, unlike Lorelai and her mother who cannot. She even gets Rory to try and tell her Luke’s, to no avail. Lorelai is legitimately stalking Dean at this point and Luke has to gently guide her out of the grocery store before she kills the bag boy.

After Lorelai and the beeping Fridge (it was actually beeping) come to odds with each other, Lorelai mentions to Rory that she knows about the kiss. Rory is very awkward about this, so Lorelai has to act as cool as a cucumber and does the dumbest thing ever – inviting the boy that her daughter kissed, to THEIR HOUSE. Rory takes it as well as you would expect her too and freaks out at Lorelai. They eventually decide to let him come over and deal with the sitution, so Rory asked her mother for advice on how to talk to boys. My heart, my heart seriously. Babette tries to talk to Dean on the way over, Sookie comes in the house with dessert trying to talk to him.

Lorelai is great with Dean, Rory is a bit awkward – in a sweet way. There is a point where Lorelai tries to leave them alone and sit in the kitchen but Rory wants her mother back in the room. Lorelai eventually has alone time with Dean and tells him that he is not going to hurt Rory without being run out of town with pitchforks. The episode ends with Rory tells her mother about the kiss and all is right in the world.


Lorelai and Rory on Lorelai’s bed, talking about Rory’s first kiss.




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