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Gilmore Girls 1×06: Rory’s Birthday Parties


Lorelai: I would like to raise a toast. To one thing in my life that is always good, always sweet and without whom I’d have no reason to get up in the morning. My pal Rory.


It is Rory’s birthday and she is going to have two birthday parties after Emily refuses to relinquish the usual Friday dinner, which is Rory’s actual birthday.

My review:

The episode opens with a dinner at the Gilmore house, so you know I am happy. Emily asks them to go around the house and work out what they want to be left to them in the will. A strange concept, but I guess it is a way for them to get what they want and be happy about it. Emily mentions Rory’s birthday which happens to fall on their next meal and Lorelai tries – but fails – to get her mother to relinquish the evening. I guess that means two parties for you this year Miss Rory – whose face is showing that she is terrified for whatever her grandmother has planned.

Rory’s birthday week is under way, Sookie is cooking up a storm. But when is she not cooking? Rory is informed by Tristan – who I cannot stand – that everyone at school has invitations to her birthday party thrown by Emily. If there was ever a moment I felt sorry for the poor girl, it is right now. Emily asks Lorelai to help her present shop, I am laughing forever. Can I have a show with just these two women. For the first time since the dinosaurs, Lorelai is happy after spending a day with her mother so Rory chooses to not tell her what happened with the invitations in order not to cause another fight between Lorelai and Emily.

It is Rory’s birthday at 4.03am and Lorelai sneaks into her room. This is my favourite scene of the entire series, hands down. Lorelai tells Rory her birth story at her birth minute. This would be 100% a tradition I would want to have with my future child. Rory goes to Luke’s before school with Lane and he has baked her a coffee cake, look at what is under that grumpy exterior. Dean comes into the diner and mouths out ‘Happy Birthday’ as he leaves with coffee and Rory and I have the same goofy grin. Dean, what to do with you.

At the Gilmore house things are okay (albeit a weird woman who was making Lorelai and me uncomfortable), until Emily tells Rory to make a speech to her guests and everything hits the fan. Rory explodes at her grandmother and runs up to Lorelai’s old bedroom, Lorelai is confused at this freaky Friday moment. Rory tells her mother what happened and Emily finds them and then Lorelai and Emily fight. Mostly because Rory tried to invite Emily to her birthday party the next day to apologise and Emily shoots her down.

The birthday party Rory has been waiting for has arrived and I am shocked at the fact that besides Rory there is one person under eighteen there (Lane). Does she have no other friends? I guess maybe not. But she is not really a many-friends person throughout the series so that makes sense. I am the same, Rory. I don’t have a big circle of friends. Richard and Emily arrive, yay! We find out that they have never been to Lorelai’s house before and Emily heartbreakingly finds out how much of their lives she has missed. I was a sobbing mess. A real sobbing mess. She and Richard leave eventually and during clean up, Lorelai sees Rory with Dean and her face completely drops. Don’t worry Lorelai, he is a good one. But one last time, HAPPY BIRTHDAY RORY GILMORE. You sixteen year old, you (mouthed out with Dean’s cute as smile)


Lorelai going into Rory’s room at four in the morning and telling her birth story






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