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Gilmore Girls 1×05: Cinnamon’s wake



Babette and Maury’s cat passes away, Lorelai and Max agree to go on a date, Rory and Dean have some awkward encounters. 

My review:

We once again open with a Friday night dinner where Emily is beyond belief that Lorelai doesn’t remember someone she would have hung out with at TWO YEARS OLD, less than two years old. Really, Emily. There is a nazi joke that Rory laughed at and I was just saying ‘Emily my queen’. The next morning, Babette and Maury are rolling their cat in a cart for a walk. Oh, poor kitty cat. This is not going to end well. Meanwhile, Rory is berating her mother about a bake sale that Lorelai is confident that she has covered. Aka, Sookie has it more than covered. In the bus, Dean hops on and he and Rory have the most forced conversation  – it makes me cringe.

At the school, Sookie has like three tables of baked goods and a blow torch. This is the woman who three episodes ago almost set the kitchen on fire, twice. Thank god Lorelai took the damn thing off her when Max wanted to speak to her privately. Lorelai is hesitant about meeting Max for a coffee, he is Rory’s teacher. But all of that soon goes out of her head. By the end of the scene soon and she doesn’t even tell Rory. The two of them have coffee the next day and she gives him her number after he tells a story that she doesn’t know is real or just a line to get women to go on dates with him. And this was the guy who five minutes earlier said they should date because they are similar heights.

Back at the diner, Sookie steps on Luke’s territory while Lorelai is contemplating telling Rory or even going on the date. Seriously, Lorelai. Luke yells at Sookie and Rory says that the cat has passed away. Everyone in the town shows up at Babette’s house, Luke and Sookie both with food. They’re still going head to head with each other. Ms Patty and Kirk (who told her she wasn’t allowed to sample fruit and mentally scar poor Rory in the grocery store) have an apology moment and Max shows up at Lorelai’s to take her on a date. Rory sees this but Lorelai STILL hasn’t told her what is going on. Max (like most people) thinks that ‘our neighbours cat died’ is just an excuse but Lorelai promises him it isn’t. He reminds her that Rory isn’t a kid anymore.

Back at Babette’s house, Lorelai talks to her and realises that in a couple of years Rory will be at college and she will be alone. Lorelai finally tells Rory what was going on and Rory eventually approves of her mother dating her teacher. All the while, Emily calls and doesn’t believe that Lorelai went to a cat’s funeral but not that of the woman who she met when she was two. SO MUCH DRAMA.

Episode Highlight: 

The Friday night dinner at the start of the episode. Duh.








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