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Gilmore Girls 1×04: The Deer Hunters


Rory: Lorelai, go to your room


Rory gets her first ever ‘D’ and starts questioning her intelligence and whether or not Chilton is the school for her.

My review:

I am going to admit off the bat that this is not of one of my favourite episodes. The episode opens with Lorelai making fun of Rory stationary shopping, which just reminds me of high school because that was my favourite part of the year. Shopping for stationary. Rory finds out that she got a D on a paper, something she has never had before. And she starts doubting herself while Paris is making snarky remarks at her face. Oh, Paris. Rory is so embarrassed, she can’t even tell Lorelai who doesn’t stop talking when Rory is trying to study. How Lauren remembered all those lines still impresses me.

At the inn, the storyline involves Sookie and some magic risotto that apparently kept her mother alive for three more years. The reviewer of the inn says it is okay, and Sookie doesn’t want to take that. At all. So she goes mad trying to work out what she was doing wrong. Meanwhile Lorelai meets Rory’s teacher Max Medina at parent teachers night, almost knocks over a globe and vocalises how awful the coffee is. She really did NOT like that coffee. At all. Oh Lorelai. Max tells her that Rory got a D, but she will catch up. Lorelai races back to Stars Hollow to find Rory throwing pencils at the diner so Luke gives her pie.

Lorelai helps Rory study for her Shakespeare test. The next morning Rory wakes up late and Lorelai gives her the car to drive to school. Rory is talking to Lane on the phone while driving and a deer hits her car. Maybe if you weren’t on your phone you would have seen it, Rory. Rory turns up late and isn’t allowed to take her test, which causes a Lorelai level fit at Paris and Tristan. Rory, Rory, Rory. Lorelai is called down to the school and has a fit at the headmaster and Max. These Gilmore Girls sure are drama queens. The headmaster tells Lorelai to take Rory home and discuss whether or not Chilton is the place for usually even tempered Rory Gilmore. I have to admit, Lorelai’s fit did get a few laughs out of me.

They leave and end up trying to find the deer that rammed Lorelai’s car. While walking through the bush area, Lorelai asks Rory if she wants to stay at Chilton (well duh, Lorelai Gilmore!) and they give up finding the deer eventually. When they get home, Max has called and said that Rory can do extra credit work to make up for the test. Yay Rory!

Episode Highlight: 

Lorelai meeting her nemesis, the awful coffee.







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