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Gilmore Girls 1×03: Kill Me Now


Emily: You brought us used cake?

Lorelai: No, it is leftover cake.


Richard and Rory go golfing and enjoy their day together on Emily’s insistence, while Lorelai is confident they will not enjoy time together.

My review:

The episode opened with a Friday night dinner, which I love. I would safely say that these dinners are one of my favourite parts of the entire show. Emily is absolutely on fire with her comebacks and my favourite, They’re upstairs gathering dust with the rest of her potential. If anything, this episode is made better by Emily who coerces Richard to teach Rory how to golf at the club. Lorelai, obviously, isn’t impressed by this but Rory agrees to go anyway. Lorelai is just that confident that Rory is going to hate it, she feels sorry for her.

Cut to the golfing day, Richard just wants to golf and not have to deal with his sixteen year old grand daughter – Emily is having NONE of it. Rory rocks up and they end up having a a good day and enjoying each others company. Though Rory is about as good at sports as I am (which is not at all). Emily was right, and this may kill Lorelai when she finds out. Lorelai is at the inn all day and wondering how her daughter is doing, confident that she is hating it that much. She even gets Sookie to give her cake for Rory. Sookie, is carrying on about strawberries for the shortcake. She just wants them, damn it. There is the mother of the twins who are getting married at the inn, who detests her children. Like she actually does.

Luke is being grumpy man, Rory meets Lorelai at the diner after she comes home in her rostetharian hat. But she is so adorable, she could wear a bedsheet. Rory says that she liked the day, Lorelai is shocked to her core and only a teeny bit jealous (a lot jealous). She and Rory argue the next day about who has the bigger boobs, because that is normal. Eventually (after more of Sookie VS strawberry story line) Lorelai admits that she was jealous. Maybe Rory would have liked her parents life, but Lorelai was too stubborn to ever admit that. She never had a close relationship with her parents, but Rory just might have that. Then they spot a girl that reminds Lorelai of her childhood. Being forced into fancy dresses and sitting nicely like a lady. Rory looks at her mother and thanks her for not putting her in big fancy dresses and raising her like that. Aww, mother/daughter moment.

The episode closes at the Gilmore house with Emily gloating straight to Lorelai about the fact that Richard and Emily enjoyed their day together. Rory and her grandparents go into the study, Lorelai is left alone on the couch. I love that it ended like that, Lorelai watching Rory fall into her parents world.

Episode Highlight: 

Emily Gilmore and all her comebacks win this episode for me.






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