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Gilmore Girls 1×02: The Lorelai’s first day at Chilton


RORY: So, why are you insisting on doing this?

LORELAI: Well, because you’re starting private school tomorrow.

RORY: Yes, but I’m going to be wearing shoes. Nobody’s gonna see my feet.

LORELAI: Okay, but everybody knows that private school girls are bad, and bad girls always wear red nail polish.


It is Rory’s first day Chilton and nothing goes to plan. Emily is there to drive Lorelai crazy and we meet Paris and Tristan.


The episode opens with Lorelai painting Rory’s toenails, well half of them. I thought it was a really sweet scene, until Lane rocks up and Lorelai goes running in to listen to the album with her and leaves Rory. Cue the next morning, Rory is mad at her mother who is still asleep. I get it Rory – as a type a ‘must always be on time to EVERYTHING’ and I was exactly like that in high school too. Lorelai cannot find clothes, realises they are at the dry cleaners and wears denim shorts and a midrif top to her daughters school. A part of me was like, I would have been mortfied if my mother drove me to school in an outfit like that. But then again, my mother is not Lorelai.

They finally arrive at the school, a man flirts with Lorelai and she loves it. Until Rory reminds her what she is wearing. They finally get to the administration office to meet the headmaster and Emily is already in there, ready to strike. She is as mortified as I was at Lorelai, which only makes me laugh. Emily has the best come backs this episode, she had me in stitches. You can definitely tell where Lorelai gets her quick wit from. By this point, Rory is in school by herself and Lorelai is back in Stars Hollow – where Luke and Patty tell her that she shouldn’t have worn the shorts and midrif top to Rory’s school. ITS TOO LATE NOW, GUYS. It’s too late now.

Sookie was being a sweetheart and Michel, don’t even get me started. Can Lorelai fire him already, seriously. Worst employee ever. Father at school who flirted with Lorelai comes to see her, she turns him down. We never see him again. Emily is slowly turning her daughter various shades of purple with the three million phone calls about things she wants to buy Rory – from school coats to DSL (the fact that they still had dial up makes me remember how long ago this show was on). And Kirk (but not Kirk is there to install the DSL line….) Lorelai finally snaps at her mother, she and Luke have a moment (possibly romantic?) and goes to pick a very happy to see her Rory from school.

While this has been going on, Rory has had the worst school day. She met Paris, most intense woman on the planet. They do become friends, but Paris is always this intense. Rory accidentally breaks her project and offers to help her, but Paris has basically put Rory on her hit list at this point. Tristan (that ding-dong) keeps calling Rory ‘Mary’ and every time he does I want to slap him so hard. Dude, just no. Rory  is happy to see Lane back in Stars Hollow, she really is and asks Lorelai for advice on how to deal with Paris. But Lorelai has nothing. Well, she said ‘I got pregnant’ but Rory ain’t doing that.




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