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Gilmore Girls 1×01: Pilot


Luke: You don’t want to grow up to be your mother

Rory: It’s too late


We meet Lorelai and Rory Gilmore, mother and daughter, from a town called Stars Hollow. Rory gets into a private school and Lorelai needs the money to pay for it, from her parents.


The episode opens with Lorelai begging Luke for coffee. The woman is an addict, but also I could watch her and her one true love – the coffee bean – for hours. Like, there is nothing she loves more than coffee. Maybe Rory, but that is about it. I also cry when I see how young they all are in this episode. And the fact that that it is so nineties that I want to cry forever. I cry a lot during this show, I am just a softie. But also, they have my heart. They really do.  There is a very scary man who suggests what I can only imagine is a freaky three way between a mother, himself and her sixteen year old daughter.

Which brings me to Lorelai’s daughter, Rory. The perfect, angel sixteen year old in all of her glory. She is doing her homework in class to which the girls behind her just roll their eyes. Yeah, we’ll see where you all end up. Actually, we really won’t. Honestly. Rory, total nerd for doing her class work. That is why she gets in the private school her single mother can’t afford. Story line being opened here. How is Lorelai going to pay for school? Lorelai’s fire starter (seriously, two fires one episode!) best friend Sookie – aka Melissa McCarthy offers to sell her car. WHAT A GOOD FRIEND LORELAI, WHO LOVES YOUR DAUGHTER AND WANTS HER TO GO TO THE FANCY SCHOOL. She then suggests Lorelai’s parents who have all the money in the world. They could pay for it. But Lorelai doesn’t want to go to them.

After exhausting all her options she goes to them and they agree to pay for school, on one condition. A Friday night dinner, every week. Look at the story being set up. Look at it. Rory meets Dean the next day, we find out her name is also Lorelai and that Dean is creepy (guy legitimately said he was watching her..) and now Rory doesn’t want to go to the fancy school. Lorelai and Rory get into a screaming match. Lorelai ‘draws her mother card’ and Rory takes it so well – NOT. For me, it is one of Lorelai’s parenting let downs. Rory should have known her whole life that what her mother says, goes. You see more of it later, and I will get into it.

Dinner is explosive, Richard makes a comment about Rory’s father and Lorelai goes into the kitchen and starts cleaning. Emily comes in and argues with her. Rory hears the agreement her mother and grandmother had made about the weekly meals during their heated argument. Rory offers to buy her mama a coffee and they go to grumpy man Luke’s where he tells Rory that she doesn’t want to become her mother. Too late Luke, too late.



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